Bronn Greygate


Bronn is a bald, muscular man with a short, well-groomed beard, standing just shorter than your average human. He has a linear tatoo running the length of one side of his head.


He considers the Slaughtered Stag to be his reward for a long and storied life of risk and hardship. As one might expect given the specialty of his establishment, he is fond of a good brawl, but he makes it abundantly clear that any fight should be resolved in the ring. Whatever conceptions one might have of Bronn cannot help but be shaken by seeing him with Clem. When he is around the half-orc, his disposition immediately brightens, and the pair will frequently trade jabs that would get earn anyone a rather one-sided round in the ring.

He has taken a liking to the party, both for the entertainment that they provided their first night, and for their victory over the young dragon responsible for the troubles along the North Road.

Bronn Greygate

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