Standing nearly seven feet tall and rippling with muscle, Clem makes her half-orc heritage abundantly clear. She wears her jet black hair cut close and is usually seen wearing a sleeveless leather tunic.


She now lives at the Slaughtered Stag, earning her keep by fighting in the ring, and by way of Bronn’s goodwill.

Though she beat Ea (Bartleby) in their first match, she was still impressed by the tiefling and has taking a bit of a liking to her.

Clem was caught up in Pavel’s revenge plot. He possessed her in order to kill several of the slavers that took his cousin, a crime for which Clem was then hunted. Luckily for her, the party intervened at the request of Bronn Greygate, and managed to prove her innocence.

Clem is currently romantically involved with Sylvie. They had originally tried to keep their relationship secret, but have since made their feelings clear to all.


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