A Mehruni gambler. With hair just shy of shoulder length and a goatee. After his death, he appears as a translucent, blue-tinged apparition.


After purchasing safe passage from the Pale Trader between Mehrune and Lyll, Pavel was caught in the last ambush. He was killed by the orcs and partially eaten. He remained as a ghost, tied to a single gold coin that was in his possession. He remembers almost nothing of his life, including why he made use of such secretive transport.

For some unknown reason, Pavel lingers, even after the destruction of the necromantic focus that animated the rest of the undead in the cavern.

It eventually became clear that Pavel remained due to his desire for vengeance against a group of Mehruni slave traders that abducted his cousin Ava.

He killed those responsible with the support of the party, who then discovered that Ava was sold to one Baron Ulyss, a notably eccentric nobleman with an obsession with collecting rare beasts.

The party, along with Clem, rescued Ava from the Baron, killing him in the process. With his cousin finally safe, Pavel bid farewell to Dayra, who he considered to be the truest friend he ever had, telling her that he loved her, and that one day they would meet again.


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